ATV Trailers

  Our ATV (Quad Bike) trailers are light and tough just as you need them.  Transport your ATV from the comfort of your car until you reach the destination you want whether that is the Stavrovouni mountains or Akamas.  No more boring rides.  Focus on the excitement your quad bike can give you and enjoy the thrill of riding in Cyprus' back country.
ATV trailer


  An economical ATV trolley with a waterproof plywood floor.  Dimensions are 200 by 130 cm.

ATV car trailer for Cyprus market


  A flexible yet economical car trolley with an A frame draw bar for safe and stable driving. Dimensions are 260 by 160 cm.

QUAD TRAILER B73017 & B73517

  At 300 cm and 350 cm  is our longest ATV car trolley.  An "A frame" draw bar facilitates safe and stable driving all over paved roads in Cyprus.  The box tilts for easy loading and unloading.