Box Trailers

  Whether needed to carry extra luggage for tourists coming to Cyprus at Larnaca airport or to transport merchandise in an enclosed waterproof box, our minibus trailers are ready to serve you.  With varying carrying capacity one of our box trailers is sure to fit the professional drivers' needs.

Minibus Trailer BE7317UMB

  Our entry level minibus trailer is a solid choice for your basic needs.  A sturdy A frame draw bar makes towing this car trailer extremely easy.
  Dimensions: 170x122x100 cm


Minibus Box Trailer BR1320

  A mid range minibus trailer with paneled walls for better insulation.  Made in France.
  Dimensions: 200x122x130 cm

Minibus Box Trailer F7520

  Our largest minibus trailer comes with double rear doors that open 270 degrees and latch on to the side wall for carefree loading and unloading.  The A frame  tow bar delivers a smooth ride on roads all over Cyprus.
  Dimensions: 204x125x125 cm