Special Trolleys

  We offer a variety of special trolleys that can fit very specific needs, such as water transportation, vehicle recovery and tipping trailers.  If you have any other specialized car trolley needs come visit us to discuss what your requirements are and we hope to be able to offer you a solution.


Car Transporter WENUS 385-1800KG

  A flexible yet economical car trolley with an A frame draw bar for safe and stable driving.  The trailer  can easily carry any regular size car.  Comes with a two year factory warranty.

Tipping Trailer KIPER3015S 1300KG

  For quick and easy unloading nothing beats a tipping trailer.  The KIPER3015S is a quality, Polish made trailer that will give you years of dependable services.  Comes with a two year factory warranty.

Bicycle transporter
Bike Transporter Trailer 16BD7530U

  There is no better car trailer on the market in Cyprus to transport large amounts of bicycles.
 Able to carry up to 16 bicycles it is the ideal trailer for bike races or for bicycle rental companies.   Same model used in the "Tour of Cyprus" Cycling challenge.  With a tilting floor for easy loading/unloading.

Car Transporter Trailer ATLAS 4.50 2700kg

  With a hot deep galvanized chassis, this is a superior car carrier. You can carry 2700kg safely with this  trailer.