Luggage Trailers

  Our luggage trailers are an excellent way to increase the carrying capacity of your car or other vehicle.  Whether you want to carry your camping equipment to one of Cyprus' top camping sites or just haul all of your family's luggage to Larnaca or Limassol airports we have the right car trailer for you.  All our camping and luggage trolleys are weatherproof so you can carry whatever you want without having to worry about rain, sleet or snow.  Our luggage trailers range in size starting from about 0.75 of a cubic meter for your basic carrying needs to a gigantic 3.25 cubic meters.
  If you are looking for a luggage or camping trailer in Cyprus look no further than Spyrachri Trailers.  We have the island's widest selection of car trailers at affordable prices and a quality that is simply outstanding.  It goes without saying that all our luggage or camping trailers comply fully with the Republic of Cyprus' laws and regulations for car trolleys.
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Small luggage trailer

  Our entry level luggage trailer is an economical solution to carry your cargo.  With a lockable streamlined ABS top you can haul your things without worrying about the weather.
  Box dimensions: 128x92x65 cm

Luggage & Camping Trailer BD45135UC

  The BD45135UC luggage trailer comes with a hard polyester lid which is lockable for security purposes.  A set of gas springs makes lifting the trailer roof as easy as child's play.
  Box dimensions: 135x102x75 cm

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Luggage trailer
  With a higher side walls, the BD45135USC luggage trolley can accommodate bigger loads while still presenting an excellent value in a compact body.
  Box dimensions: 135x102x115 cm


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ERKA838C Camping Trolley

The French made ERKA838C camping trolley comes with a durable ABS roof. The trailer can be tilted for easy loading and unloading of heavy loads.
Box dimensions: 150x100x65 cm

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Luggage Trailer 7317UA

  Our mid range BE7317UC car trailer is ideal for both camping enthusiasts as well as professionals looking to transport extra loads with their vehicles.  A polyurethane lid and a marine grade waterproof plywood floor keep your belonging dry no matter what the weather conditions are.
  Box dimensions: 170x122x90 cm

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Luggage car trailer

  Similar to the BE7317UC this trailer comes with a higher metal walls giving you extra carrying capacity.  The BE7317USC trolley is ideal for buses that need extra room for luggage.
  Box dimensions: 170x122x130 cm

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Car Trailer 7320USC

  The 7320UC luggage car trailer is the perfect choice for professionals who need to increase the amount of cargo to be hauled by their vehicles.  With an extended two year warranty it is a great choice for daily transport of your extra loads all over Cyprus.
  Box dimensions: 205x122x90 cm

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Large Luggage Car Trailer

  With a huge 3.25 cubic meters volume due to a higher wall structure the BE7320USC is our largest luggage trailer.  Weatherproof as all of our other luggage trolleys it will carry equipment, luggage or merchandise to your destination without exposing them to the elements.
  Box dimensions: 205x122x130 cm

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