Car Trailer Accessories

  At Spyrachri Cyprus Trailers you can purchase your car trailer with the full confidence that you are purchasing a quality product.  We carry a full range of original manufacturer accessories to make your car trailer even more functional and even safer.  Come and see our range and you will be amazed with what we have available in stock and our everyday low prices!

Mesh Side Extensions for Car Trailer

The Mesh Side Extensions increase the volume your car trailer can carry, making it perfect for the transportation of bulky items. They are easy to fit and are built to last. Ideal for gardeners, the mesh sides attach onto the top of the car trailer to allow the increased capacity without restricting airflow.  A handy lifting rear hatch makes objects in the car trailer more accessible.

Solid Side Extensions for Car Trailer

Side extensions latch onto the car trailer to increase its carrying capacity in volume.  It is an excellent and economical way to transport bulky items. Solid side extensions are easy to fit and robust.

Car Trailer Hard Cover

The lockable hard cover transforms your car trailer into a secure environment. You can not only carry but also store your valuable cargo.  It hinges from the front of the car trailer and is supported by two gas struts when opened. As it can increase the carrying capacity it is ideal for transporting large items such as luggage or tools.

Car Trailer Soft Cover

Our soft car trailer covers are made from waterproofed canvas and have an elastic rope for securing them onto the car trailers.  A series of loops over the several tie-down points around the trailer keep the cover taut, preventing puddles and entry of rainwater.

Extended Car Trailer Soft Cover

Soft waterproof cover to go over the extension sides of your car trailer are available if required. The cover is made from waterproof canvas with a rear opening hatch that can be zipped closed or furled open.  Comes with an elastic rope that passes through a series of tie-down points around the trailer.  This keeps the cover taut, preventing puddles and entry of rainwater.