Cargo Trailers 1 Axle & Brakes

  If you are looking to haul heavier cargoes with your car, a cargo trailer with brakes is truly a necessity.  With current Cyprus law a car trailer with over 750 kg of gross weight needs to have brakes.  We here at Cyprus Trailers are in position to offer you several options to cover you needs.  Just visit our Aglantzia location to view the car trailers we have in stock.

BD7520UH, Single Axle Cargo Car Trailer with Brakes

 A single axle plant trailer with brakes to transport safely and legally heavier loads in Cyprus.  Front and back doors open to facilitate loading and unloading of your machinery.

   Loading Area Dimensions: 204 x 115 x 35 cm

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BD752413UH, Cargo Trailer with One Axle & Brakes

This one axle cargo trolley has an A frame draw bar for safe and stable driving. Comes with brakes and a waterproof marine grade plywood floor.

  Loading Area Dimensions: 244 x 126 x 35 cm

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B1326H, Cargo Car Trailer With One Axle & Brakes

 Our top of the line single axle trailer comes with 2.60 meters in length to carry your heavy loads. Comes with brakes, jockey wheel, front and rear doors and waterproof marine plywood floor.

  Loading Area Dimensions: 260 x 130 x 35 cm

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