Cargo Trailers

  Spyrachri Cyprus Trailers is aptly called by many the "Master of cargo trailers".  The reason behind this is the sheer quantity of different model cargo trailers we keep in stock in our Nicosia, Cyprus locations.  Our range in car trailers is sure to meet your cargo transport needs with attractive prices and great quality.  If you need a cargo trailer here in Cyprus, pay us a visit in our Aglatzia showroom and you can leave with a trailer in tow almost immediately.

  Our stock in cargo car trailers is divided in one or two axled ones, with or without brakes. We would be happy to discuss your transport needs and match them with the right type of car trailer.

Cargo Trailers with 1-Axles

Our cargo trailers line starts with trolleys for the lightest loads and occasional use. Highly maneuverable cargo trailers with no brakes are legally allowed to carry a gross weight of up to 750 kilos. 

More about our cargo trailers with one axle

Cargo Trailers with 1-Axles and Brakes

A double axle yet economical plant trolley with an A frame draw bar for safe and stable driving. Comes with brakes and a waterproof marine grade plywood floor.

More information on our cargo trailers with one axle and brakes

Cargo Trailers with 2-Axles

For the professional who has a need to carry more than what the business vehicle can carry, a two axle car trailer is the solution.

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Cargo Trailers with 2-Axles and Brakes

 Hitch this cargo trailer to your vehicle and you will be able to carry two tons of gross weight.  With over three meters in length it truly offers a massive carriage addition and will meet the needs for many professionals.

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